Though we love having you as our guests, we understand that, sometimes, having our tempting dishes and entrees delivered or picked up is just more convenient. We get it. Therefore, we make it as simple and convenient as possible for you to enjoy the best the Old Hickory House has to offer with prompt and friendly options.


Offering our full menu to go, we make droppin’ by and pickin’ up your favorites a quick and enjoyable stop. Available during any hours we’re open, our takeout options include the entrees, side dishes, and desserts we’ve become famous for.


With a $300.00 minimum order, and a minimum of a 24 hour notice, we can gather a full meal of delicious options and get them to your home or business. Delivering within a 5 mile radius from our Northlake Parkway location, our delivery team works to make sure your order makes it your way in no time at all while maintaining its high quality. If you’re not satisfied, we wanna hear about it and we’ll strive to make it right.

Got questions or comments about our delivery or takeout options? Or really just wanna order up some deliciousness? Contact us now: (770) 939-8621 for quick and friendly service with the same Old Hickory House courtesy you’d get at our restaurant. We look forward to satisfyin’ your hunger.